Saturday, September 29, 2012

Eleven Factors That Affect the Team Environment

Methodical statement and thorough research of the group procedure as it is applicable to individual associates is important for understanding how groups must form their characteristics to be able to enhance efficiency. The group statement and research procedure concentrates professionals on the various ways individual associates communicate with one another within the group environment.

Teams respond to issues differently. Reactions can outcome in troublesome conduct such as individual popularity, obstinacy, controlling, overall fighting and a host of other adverse habits.

Task and servicing projects allow individual groups to deal with issues and impacts in a more arranged and productive manner. However, professionals must notice how their individual groups communicate before and after components are put into place to be able to figure out the increase in their performance outcome and efficiency.

The group statement and assessing procedure includes the following factors and components:


Leaders need to understand that people who comprise the makeup of an individual group have variations in individualities and qualification and that these-along with gender and age differences-all affect the group characteristics within the group framework. Variations in functional qualification and commitment to combined objectives also contribute to a level of communication or overall issue within the group environment.

Organizational Context

Successful groups need business direction, information and resources. Problems can occur when business tasks are uncertain, projects badly defined, and groups not given sufficient independence. Problems also outcome when rewards are given to individual associates and not jointly to recognize overall group results.

Influencers, Interaction and Participation

It is important for management to identify the influencers and established subgroups and coalitions within individual group surroundings. There is a natural tendency for people within the group to form alliances to the exemption of other associates, and most group surroundings will experience their influence and management. Influencers and alliances effect group communication styles as certain individual input is desired and observed over and above other sources of conversation, ideas, comments and suggestions.

As within any healthier group environment there is a balance of all views and reviews, management must be aware of who has the most effect on the crew's activities and choices and take action to ensure those who have been ignored are observed.

Climate and Personal Behaviors

Leaders must notice individual associates for signs of rage, irritation, disappointment, dullness, defensiveness and drawback. As within a good and balanced group environment, individual associates should be free to sensor / probe others with regard to their feelings and thoughts - such emotions are a sign of issues that must be resolved.

When examining the environment, it is important for management to also figure out whether issue is covered up or encouraged: solutions cannot be reached unless there is good and balanced debate and open issue that allows individual groups to reach their optimal performance levels.

Minority Opinions

In most group surroundings there will be individual associates who hold views and opinions that run counter to those of the majority. In a good and balanced group environment, these views are valued and desired out rather than covered up and frustrated.


Leaders should notice the energy framework within their groups to figure out whether authority obligations are presumed by one person or distributed by the whole account. They should be careful for energy battles and disputes resulting from a lack of authority within the group environment.

Task and Maintenance Functions

Healthy groups have procedure flow and servicing projects that are satisfied by all associates. Leaders should figure out whether specific projects and obligations are being satisfied properly and accurately, and whether the people allocated to these projects and projects take their obligations seriously.

Decision Making

Leaders should be well acquainted with the creating decisions processes used within their individual groups. Key choices are generally made during the first meeting, which often then tend to form and figure out progress. These key initial choices are often hard to reverse. Leaders should also guard against groupthink, where pressure is put on all associates to agree and comply with the activities of the whole group and little or no dissention is allowed.


Leaders should encourage useful, healthier and appropriate issue over purposeful issues, while spending some time to enhance individual relations among individual associates when adverse psychological breakouts become apparent. Conflict is good and balanced only when individualities and individual issues are removed from the issue.

Emotional Issues

All individual associates come to the group setting with individual needs and issues that get played out within the surroundings, including:
  • Personal identity within the team
  • Goals and needs
  • Power and control
  • Intimacy

Leaders should notice the weather created by their individual groups. Within some groups, associates may prefer a business-only approach, while in others a more social environment might be prevalent. The environment is also shaped by whether a single individual manages the group or authority is distributed jointly.


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